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Data Science that makes

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Datenea is the tool that makes your job and managing projects easier: minimize costs and time, reuse your code and processes and boost cooperation between teams. On top of that, you can channel all your data knowledge into a single asset thanks to standardization.

What makes Datenea different?

The following features stand out in our revolutionary tool.


Optimize workflows and tasks in your Data Science projects


Integrate your own tools into its environment.


Extract reusable solutions for different problems from a successful project.


Save time to reuse tasks and focus on analysis.

What can Datenea do for you?

Enjoy all perks from the tool regardless of your profile.

Data Scientists

Save time from development and focus on data analysis for your company.

Break down complex analysis into flexible step-by-step processes where you can add or remove any part.

Share your progress with the rest of your team.

Keep your developing tools (Jupyter, Rstudio, etc.) thanks to an intuitive API with built-in libraries.

Access all your data at once and simplify management of data sources.

Lead Data Scientists

Monitor performance from a single dashboard, regardless of the project.

Validate, reject, improve or comment development and results from your team in a fast and straightforward way.

Focus on what’s important: analyze results and create value for your business.

Product owner y administrador

Funnel your projects into assets for your company by reusing them through cloning or abstraction.

Relieve your data scientists from the complex management of data sources.

Dynamize the management of resources assigned to projects.

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Harness all functionalities in your day-to-day.

Thanks to the tool

For tasks and teams

For your code and developing

For analysis and profiling

Thanks to the tool

Datenea helps you create and manage your Data Science projects: resources, tasks, assignments, task status, time planning, etc. A fast-code development environment that helps you focus on analysis and shared knowledge.

For tasks and teams

Datenea lets you uncover tasks in order to share them with your team. You can also execute them remotely through Kubernetes or register each execution and its results. Datenea also provides peer review tools to validate results and minimize dragged-on errors.
Submit for Validation
Validate Task
Execute Task

For your code and developing

Edit your code directly through Datenea and automatically synchronize with your usual repository, using the same developing tools thanks to the built-in SDK (available for Python and R).

Edit Code

Prepare Tournament Seeds data. No need for processing. Check the format and generate a KPI from the number of seasons and the register number per season.

For analysis and profiling

Execute Data Quality and Profiling

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How is Datenea integrated into my tools?

Datenea has built-in Python and R libraries for working in local environments. These libraries let us access project data in a simple way, as well as registering results.

Where are the processes launched by the tool executed?

You have two options:

  1. As SaaS in PiperLab’s servers.
  2. In your own infrastructure, provided it is compatible with Kubernetes

Contact us to learn more about each option.

How is Datenea priced?

Datenea is tailor-made to the needs and particularities of each client. Contact us to describe your case and we will provide an estimate.

Do you want to test Datenea?

Fill out your information and we will contact you as soon as we can to provide you with a demo version.



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